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Thank-you to all of our customers for 25 wonderful years! Store features Benjamin Moore, Sue Kay Paints, Para Paints, Java Bark Gel Stain and we now have wallpaper books in-store!

Located at 393 Yonge St. Barrie ON, L4N 4C9

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CURRENT STORE HOURS until Sept 1/14: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm. Sat 9am-5pm. Sun 10am-3pm.

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May blog

Well I think we all see a little light at the end of the winter .... Yes spring has arrived although to me it seems she is sleepily crawling her way out of bed like a tousled haired four year old not really ready to wake up!

These longer days have us all re addressing old projects and has us crawling out of hibernation. I must admit the cold weather kept me in and I'm yearning for the lake. My daily drive around the bay reminds me how much I love this city ....we have made great progress despite a horrible winter . It reminds me of my vision of how Barrie's beautiful lakefront could service our residents and visitors even better! I can hear the runners on the boardwalk the sweeping 60 ft wide wood (reclaimed from train crossings) ..spotted by trees and lamp posts. I picture the trees lite at night by hundreds of white lights that are solar powered. I see the boardwalk weaving it's way from minuets pt to mulcaster and is used by walkers runners and baby strollers and the current bike path would remain for all things with wheels ...the roller blades skateboards bikers .... In my daily drive It occurred to me that so many more people could be living and active by our bay . Along with that comes parking shopping and other demands . That,s why at the crown of my plan there is a 100 mile local marketplace located and could incorporate Canadian Warehouse at yonge and huronia ... I've pictured it for so long I can feel the dew on the red brick of the 30 ft high marketplace with the traditional lettering spelling out FARMER'S MARKET in buff brick . This is where the 60 ft wide boardwalk starts and in the good weatherhouses buskers and artisans around trees and benches. The boardwalk starts here ...The train stops here as well as in town ...but here the smell of coffee and bacon permeates the air ....residents have parked their car in the 6 storey parking on the yonge street side of the building, maybe they came for the train a little early today and on the way home I'll grab that fresh produce .......thus harbouring a healthier lifestyle and enticing the train habit to reduce commutor traffic .... There is more to this building though including 2 stories of professional retail mix that is topped by tiered terraced condominiums that provide each resident a large terrace as the building tapers to ultimately four units. The whole building has a timeless historical feel and creates numerous types of living /working environments. All this while seamlessly embracing our connection to Toronto and all Toronto can offer our residents. This would anchor further unique residential opportunities between the farmers market place and Gowan street These condominium units would honour the unique Canadian landscape feature ...muskoka granite. The units would be primarily bronze toned glass and red oxide metal. They would be stacked in a manner that each roof is another's terraced and would be green roofed to enhance a future view and provide green space to each resident. The next area of development is quaint cottage styled town homes also staggered and geared to providing ample outdoor space to enjoy the view. Across lakeshore Heritage Park would tribute the freedom our soldiers fought for by creating a quietly interactive park geared towards family picnics. It would feature a traditional carousel and children's boat rentals similar to Toronto's centre island or Santa's village . With a total number of four .land bound rides .....each with over three acres of parkland around them and woven into the landscape and trails. I would relocate the sea cadet building and perhaps co ordinate Georgian college tourism and hospitality department in assisting the city in managing the revenue stream of the land and water activities.
And that's just the beginning !
Yes I can describe it right down to the umbrellas outside the market ...

And I think I'm going to paint my dining room!

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