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March blog

Okay, I just want to say one word about the weather –enough. Enough snow, enough cold, and enough wind.

So, like many of you, I have been looking at my indoors A LOT. Whenever you have been in the same space for sometime it can be a bit unhealthy. I, myself, as my last blog indicated, have been heavily involved in refreshing my space. When I say unhealthy it really means on many levels. I guess the best word for the process of purging and result is cathartic; a cleansing of the household arteries. I think the lack of change really is a stall in life, we all change and are forever in a "fluid" state of existence as our daily routines are jostled by various outside occurrences. It’s daunting to juggle it all, however, I am evolving by editing. I think this means finding out what is really important and allowing it to be the focus. A lot of this has been letting go of the things that “were” and focusing on the things that “are” and making room for the things that “will” be. In finding out what is important to you, you learn a lot about yourself. So recently after a twelve year debate as to what to feature in a hall entry to my dining room…would it be pillars…if so what shape…all the questions customers ask me everyday. Yet I struggled not wanting to spend any money on the area until I knew it was perfect. Inspiration comes from so many places and after a huge sorting through after my basement incident there was the answer; the books that were my mothers, that someday will be my son’s. Now small tall bookcases fill the space and they face out toward the hall giving a library feel to the hall that I am just loving. I just stand there and stare at them. That’s when you know you nailed it! So many thanks to my daughter’s design savvy. The library hall was a feature she had beautifully integrated in a residential design project she did last fall, so beautiful I couldn't get the idea out of my mind. You just want to stand and appreciate it. For me I love that every time I travel the hall I am reminded of their importance and the hall now feels more like a library. I gained a room in a sense. On the reverse side it has created two narrow walls that have been integrated in with the trim. The dining room for the most part is paneled which means I can change the remaining upper wall colour with only a quart, and as you can imagine I love experimenting with colour. The panel is a beautiful off white that is extremely flexible. I like to try to give my clients this type of flexibility because colour should be easy to change and fun! Remember, we are fluid within our space and our spaces should be fluid with us. Reinventing the use of rooms in your house is another one of my favorites. Recently, I reorganized our hardly used living room to a very organized working design studio - more on that one next time. Take a look around, reinvent a space, you’ll thank yourself for it.

And enjoy colour ...enjoy life.

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